What does this site do?

SeltekSolutions offers a variety of free products, samples, coupons and discounts offered by a number of different companies and brands. A lot of companies are usually looking forward to potential product testers to test and review their products. It is also a mean of promotion for a specific product offer by a brand because once a customer likes the free sample he/she gets they’re more likely to purchase that brand for their future needs.

Are these giveaway offers real?

Yes, all of the sample product offers that are posted on are website are 100% real and authentic. Companies tend to look for reviewers for their products and that what we do. We connect product testers with the companies who want to get their products tested. Unlike other websites on the internet we work hard to make sure that all of our offers are legitimate and not fake.

I want to get my product tested, what do I do?

We’re approached by thousands of different brands on a monthly basis who wants to get their products tested. If you’re one of them then you can always ask us to put your product on our list which will be claimed by one our websites follower to be reviewed and tested. You can also enlist your product on our website for the sake of marketing and promotion by giving away free samples.

How do I get free stuff?

The process of claiming a freebie or discount is very simple. You go through our listed of freebie offer and click on the product you want a free sample for. Once you click the offer, you’re redirected to the company’s page that offers the free sample. Afterwards you just have to claim the product and provide your shipping address. All shipment and handling fees are covered by the companies who want to sample their products.

How do I keep up with the latest offers?

Tons and tons of new sample offers pop up on our website every day. There are a lot of famous brands who want to give away free samples as well. So there is always a high following for such famous brands. It is very important to look out for new offers because the ones offered by famous brands are popular and limited in number. These sample offers are claimed very fast by thousands of people who’re look out for them. You can sign up for a newsletter from our website which can keep you updated with the new freebie offers, coupons, and discount as soon as they’re add to our website so you may claim them without wasting any time.

How long will it take to deliver my free sample?

Once you claim an offer on the company’s website it’s their responsibility to ship the offered sample. It may take 4-8 weeks until the sample product is delivered on your doorsteps. We suggest that you apply for as many offers as you can so within a couple of weeks your mailbox starts flowing with a lot of free-samples.

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